Keeping pace with growth, both in technology and business, in 2018 M/s ‘Multilink Management Consultants’ was incepted, to cater to the growing and revolutionary changes effecting the Global markets. Today, at ‘Multilink’, we feel satisfied to offer our diverse clients, specialized and quality service, in any area of Manpower recruitment, and deployment of multitrade and qualified workforce.

At Multilink we have served and supported a diverse clientele in and around the Middle Eastern markets and as such, Refineries, Oil & Gas facilities, EPC Contractors, FMCG’s , Hospitality Industries, LSTK contractors, Health Care sector & Hospitals, Manufacturer’s etc., have all been benefactors of our constant supply of skilled and professional manpower. After almost two decades in the business, we are today one of the leading Manpower Recruiting agencies, in Bangladesh, and are proud owners, of the prestigious recruitment license, issued by the BMET

Today we not only stand proudly tall in this business, having recruited many skilled personnel and unskilled manpower from Bangladesh, but have added value to business by offering all our Clients, the unique possibility of shopping under one roof for any/all their requirements to staff, out of Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, to almost all the gulf countries. Through a network of our offices and associate offices in these countries and through our ‘Multilink’ offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Cochin, & Vishakapatnam, in India, we offer all our clients a choice of the best manpower, available in this part of the continent.