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We, “Multilink Management Consultants”, are a leading manpower placement agency operating out of India for the last 20 years. Having catered effectively to a wide spectrum of Multinationals right from Europe, USA and the Far East, for their specific operations in the Middle East markets, today we stand proudly tall as one of the leading Manpower Consultancy services in India, capable of providing the best of both skilled and unskilled manpower.

Technocrats, Qualified professionals, Skilled tradesmen, Semi-skilled manpower and unskilled labor, form an integral part of our recruiting business out of India, and in these areas, we have a time tested reputation of serving our esteemed clients, the best of manpower, who ensure quality work and more importantly, define manpower harmony.

We, at ‘Multilink’, employ a team of qualified professionals, equipped to interview and test, candidates from various fields, both professionals and unskilled, employing the most stringent recruitment methods to provide, our esteemed clients, the best available manpower, and subsequently add value to their ongoing business, which has today enhanced our company’s repute and goodwill.

At ‘Multilink’, we use the latest and most modern testing methods, developed on scientific and psychological studies, hence succeeding in selecting the best candidates for our clients specific requirements.Our unblemished track record stands testimony of our vast experience and untiring commitment, to customer satisfaction and manpower harmony.

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IESP Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd.

We as Multilink Management Consultants have been involved in the business of recruitment to many countries in the Middle East since over two (02) decades, and in the course of these two decades have been involved with the recruitment of Nurses to several hospitals in the Gulf as well. One of our more famous clients has been the King Khalid University Hospital ( KKUH ) and the , where we have in the King Abdul Aziz University Hospital ( KAUH)for the past several years and have recruited in excess of 500 nurses.In view of our vast experience in recruitment, we have now been approached by several Irish, U.S & UK Hospitals to recruit Nurses for their requirements in these countries.

However, since early 2002 the governing council for nurses in these countries have made it Mandatory for Nurses coming from the Asian and far eastern countries to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). We did notice that the IELTS demand a very unique technique of answering the tests, as well as a high quality of English language. Having taken all these into consideration, we have started a separate training division called the MULTILINK MANAGEMENT & TRAINING PVT. LTD., which offers a 08 week comprehensive IELTS training program,and have already run approx.hree hundred and fifty (350) courses at Cochin, Delhi & Mumbai. At this moment we have a success rate of about 80-85% and are sure many could benefit from this program. This entire course is designed by Dr.Helen Macilwaine (PHD, RN, Tesol) & David Frontin (BA/MA/ Tesol). Out Indian trainers are trained by Dr.Macilwaine and Mr. Frontin and training upgrades undertaken every twelve(12) ) weeks.


With challenging business objectives, getting efficient manpower recruits for your organization is not a simple task. The changing technology and business pressures has led to the increase in the overall scope of work. Finding the right kind of people with specified skills requires a lot of time and resources.

Manpower recruitment agencies have two way responsibilities. Firstly to provide skilled manpower to their clients and secondly to provide good opportunities to the candidates who apply through them. This means a lot of responsibility and there has to be clarity from both ends to enable the manpower recruitment companies to provide the right results to both its counterparts. It may sound easy but it is a difficult task.

Manpower recruitment is a job of an expert because everyone cannot determine a person during an interaction of few minutes. A good understanding of the human psyche should be developed. If, you do not have the resources and the time for a long in-house process, it is advisable that you opt for an offshore manpower recruitment agency.

At Multilink we use the latest and most modern testing methods, developed on scientific and psychological studies, hence succeeding in selecting the best candidates of our client’s specific requirements.

We provide a range of value added services like:-

  • Multiple Candidates Sourcing
  • Authenticating Documents i.e., Education Certificates, Skill sets & Experience etc.
  • Liaisoning & Representation
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Exception Handling
  • Financial Negotiation
  • Standardise on the supply and demand matrix allowing quick exchanges and have low turnaround cycles of trading. This shall help companies recruit better candidates faster and thus meet deadlines
  • Expand reach to the US and South East Asian Markets